K-Pop Stylists Under Fire Yet Again After (G)I-DLE’s Relay Dance Outfits “Reveal Too Much”

“I can’t even wrap my head around the outfits…”

In (G)I-DLE‘s latest “DUMDi DUMDi” relay dance video on M2‘s YouTube channel, the members looked simply shining, shimmering, splendid in their hot summer girl mini-dresses!

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While slaying every second of the video with the funky fresh choreography though…

… all members (except Minnie wearing pants) ended up flashing their safety shorts at the camera.

(G)I-DLE fans became thoroughly agitated that the stylists “didn’t think through” and gave the members tiny dresses — more so when “the choreography obviously involves so much leg lifting and spreading“.

  • “When they do the ‘dumdi dumdi’ part, their safety shorts… are all over the place… Can we please get these girls dresses that are longer… Just look at how much of the choreography uses legs.”
  • “Please, please, please give them longer dresses. I’m not even asking like ancient hanbok length dresses. I only want their safety shorts to be completely covered. I can see their safety shorts even when they’re not moving… And yet, you have them dancing in those dresses…?”
  • “You know, the song is a bop and this concept is A+. But the outfits are way too risky. This choreography is more on the energetic side, with a lot of leg lifting. I see their safety shorts and I’m heart broken. Why not pants? Their dresses are so, so short.”
  • “I love the song, I love the choreography… But I hate that I can see their safety shorts. It looks super inconvenient. Must be embarrassing for the girls… I mean, I know shorter is sexier or whatever, but please…”

Unfortunately, in the world of K-Pop, such “wardrobe malfunctions” are no big surprises — especially amongst girl group members. Often times the outfits are seemingly too tight and/or too short for dancing, causing both the members and the fans feel uncomfortable.

  • “This was amazing. But dear stylists… Can we please opt for longer dresses next time…? I mean I watched the whole thing because I love my girls, but please. Give them something longer next time. Or pants! I’d love them in pants all the same.”
  • “I can’t even wrap my head around the outfits for Soojin and Shuhua… Looks like Soojin’s comes with some stretch, but Shuhua’s doesn’t even have that. She looks uncomfortable. Why not give them pants to wear? They have amazing physiques. Their bods will look great in longer, better fitting clothes.”
  • “I stan (G)I-DLE… but I can’t deal with the tiny outfits. The members are clearly uncomfortable with what they’re wearing. Like… Is flashing the safety shorts a part of the concept for this era or what?”
  • “The choreography is way too energetic to be done in short dresses like those. I really want to stop seeing safety shorts flashed at the cameras… Stop with the tiny dresses when they have to dance!!! Tuck those safety shorts away!!!”

Yet, while fans continue to express their concerns about such “unnecessarily revealing” outfits, the industry remains reluctant to move away from the specific look.

Watch the relay dance video here:

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