These K-Pop Stylists Revealed The Truth About Hanging Out With Idols (And What They Talk About Behind The Scenes)

Jealous that stylists get to hang out with idols? You’re not the only one.

If you’re like most K-Pop fans, you’ve probably felt jealous of your favorite idol’s staff more than once. Take stylists, for example—they get to spend so much time with the stars. But according to professional K-Pop stylists Kang Minsu and Kim Nayeon, not all is as it seems.

Kang Minsu and Kim Nayeon (who have worked with acts like SEVENTEEN, Girl’s Generation, and VIXX) recently sat down with AYO to respond to fans’ thoughts on the world of K-Pop styling. While many were curious about the outfits themselves, one commenter had jealousy on the mind.

The viewer lamented how jealous they are of stylists—after all, stylists “always hang out with idols“. But when Kang Minsu and Kim Nayeon read the comment, they were incredulous.

Hang out?! When did we hang out?!

— Kang Minsu

According to the stylist pair, they never have time to hang out with idols outside of work hours. Kim Nayeon explained that when you see stylists and idols together, it may look like they’re hanging out as friends. But in reality, those stylists are actually on the clock.

Kim Nayeon (far left) with VIXX’s Ken (far right), VIXX’s hairstylist, and VIXX’s makeup artist. | @aranayeon/Instagram

It’s not the fantasy that you’re imagining.

— Kim Nayeon

But even when stylists are on company time, don’t they still get to talk with idols while they work? Kang Minsu said it doesn’t quite pan out that way. It may seem like they’d gossip and talk about private matters, but all they really talk about is clothes.

They just say, “Noona, my pants are weird”, or “Something’s wrong with my shoes”. They don’t ask, “Noona, did you eat? What did you do today?”.

— Kang Minsu

Of course, it makes sense that idols aren’t usually up for chatting about their lives. Kim Minsu said that stylists do the bulk of their work while idols are resting or even sleeping during hectic schedules.

All day long, we always sew clothes in the waiting room. So, we can’t hang out with [idols]. How could we?! There’s no time, guys.

— Kang Minsu & Kim Nayeon

Source: AYO 에이요