K-Pop Trainee Beomhan Shocks Fans By Revealing His Six-Pack Abs

He really has been TRAINING.

K-Pop trainee Beomhan shocked his fans by revealing his abs.


If you’ve clicked on this article, you likely already know… Beomhan is a Chinese American rapper trainee under FM Entertainment. He is a member of the pre-debut group called M.O.N.T Arena.

Jay Chang (left) and Beomhan (right).

He is also well-known for touring the U.S. with Jay Chang, performing as part of their Kpop Rookie Trainee Show. They also frequently guested at boba shops and stores. Both are very interactive with fans, frequently posting on social media, hosting live broadcasts, etc.

Beomhan has always been one to participate in TikTok dance trends. Recently, he has been flexing his muscles more than ever while doing the latest trends…


big boy 😵 #beomhan #sza #bigboy

♬ big boy sza – katelin

Some fans were already shocked to realize just how muscular he was. Yet, nothing could have prepared them for his latest reveal.

Recently, Beomhan uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel. He received a “sports massage.”

At the end of the video, he briefly talked about the experience before telling the camera he was going to change out of the clothes provided by the massage parlor into his regular clothes.


Beomhan shocked the viewers by including an extra scene at the end of his video. Keep in mind that it is a blink-and-you-miss-it moment.


Fans hadn’t expected to get a glimpse of Beomhan changing… They were shocked to see six-pack abs appear on their screen.

Soon as the video was uploaded and his fans watched it, this brief clip went viral on social media.


Lemme just loop this for y’all🤭 #Beomhan #BeomhanFm #BeomhanMont #MontArena #Mont #Mint #kpoptrainee #kpoprookie #kpopfyp #kpop #fyp #범한

♬ original sound – it rly b angelo


I SCREAMED SO LOUD WHEN THIS HAPPENED #beomhan #kpoptrainee #beomhanlive #fyp #kpopfyp #kpop #beomhan🐯

♬ I WANNA BE SAVED – Nightocore Songs

Fans were in utter disbelief. Many did not believe it was really Beomhan. Yet, he promised to “change,” and the man was wearing the exact same jewelry.

| TikTok

Beomhan certainly is ready to debut.

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