K-Pop Twitter Users Are Trolling Former Try Guys’ Ned’s “Apology” On Social Media

K-Pop fans are savage AF.

Unless you’ve been offline all day, you’ve likely heard of the news that Ned Fulmer has been removed from the former Buzzfeed group and now independent YouTube channel, The Try Guys, after he was found to be having an affair with one of their employees.

The revelation has shocked the internet as a whole, especially given that talking about how much he loved his wife was a huge part of his online persona.

He responded to the news of his departure by posting a brief “apology” on his own social media pages… And needless to say, the responses to his tweet were not too happy.

Many of the comments just express disappointment in how he’s coming across in the “apology” to just being disappointed with his behavior in general, but of course, it wouldn’t be a discourse on Twitter without K-Pop fans commenting and making memes.

Some have gotten creative with finding specific K-Pop song titles or lyrics in his post…

In fact, there are a lot of tweets with this kind of meme.

While others were a bit more forward with how they felt through gifs.

Another brand of comments seems to be comparing K-Pop idols to Ned in this kind of humorous way.

Several of the quote retweets just took advantage of the situation to promote their favorite artists.

In all seriousness, though, we do hope that Ariel and their children are doing alright through this difficult time.