Virtual K-Pop Group K/DA Is Set To Release Their Debut Mini-Album Next Month

It’s been long awaited.

On August 27, virtual K-Pop group K/DA dropped their latest single, “The Baddest”, as an official lyric video.

The quartet officially debuted last year, when they came out with the hit song “POP/STARS” that, admittedly, had some fans taken aback by how good it is! Some were hesitant about the concept of the group, which is made of four League of Legends characters — Akali, Ahri, Kai’Sa, and Evelynn — voiced by real singers, including (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon (who voices Akali) and Miyeon (who voices Ahri). However, the group has turned out to be a massive success so far.

Now, the group has announced that they’ll be coming out with a full mini-album next month!

The official launch date is November 6, and already, K/DA has been gifting fans with “teaser images” of their members on their official Twitter. Akali was the first to have her teasers released, with captions such as “Drift”, “Clear your mind”, and “Come back stronger”.

Next was Evelynn, whose teaser images included the captions “Look inside”, “You know who you are”, and “You choose who they see”, respectively.

The third teasers released were for main dancer Kai’Sa, whose images had the captions “To you who feel lost”, “You will find where you belong”, and “And you will finally appear”.

And last but not least, Ahri also had a trio of teasers released, which were captioned “It’s okay to look back”, “She’s not perfect”, and “She has carried you to where you need to be”.

The group also announced a “collaboration” on their upcoming album with Seraphine, who is a new champion introduced to League of Legends this year.

Ahead of their comeback, last week K/DA announced their official fandom name, BLADES.

They also announced the official launch of their lightstick, which is now available for pre-order and looks absolutely stunning.

Are you excited for this fun and unique group’s debut album??