Fan-Driven Climate Action Platform Kpop4Planet Launches

K-Pop fans can discuss and learn about the climate crisis.

Kpop4Planet, a fan-driven climate action platform, launched on March 3 with the hopes of becoming the number one platform for like-minded K-Pop fans to come together and show their passion for climate justice.

The head organizer of the platform, Nurul Sarifah, states that the site will make use of the unique crowd-driven activism that K-Pop has become recognized for, to persuade businesses and governments to make positive environmental changes.

Sarifah further stated that climate change is a crisis mostly affecting Generation Z and millennials: the majority of the K-Pop fanbase.

We are the ones who will be most severely affected by decisions taken or not taken today. Fighting for climate justice means fighting for our future.

– Nurul Sarifah

The platform’s launching day coincided with World Wildlife Day for a reason, as the protection of wildlife is yet another one of Kpop4Planet’s aims.

Kpop4Planet highlights K-Pop groups who have, and continue to, advocate for action against climate change. The site acknowledges BLACKPINK, who recently became goodwill ambassadors for the United Nations‘ climate action.

It also commends the members of Red Velvet, who acted as representatives of the UN International Day of Clean Air in August of last year.

The platform recognizes fandoms for supporting the fight for climate justice, and invites more K-Pop fans to join this fight in order to continue enjoying K-Pop on a planet that is liveable.

Source: The Korea Times
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