KQ Entertainment Under Fire For Allegedly Cancelling International Fans’ Tickets To ATEEZ’s Fansign Event

KQ Entertainment has released a statement about the issue on ATEEZ’s fancafe:

ATINY have recently been gearing up for a big fansign event with ATEEZ on June 29. With both K-ATINY and I-ATINY excited for the event, a number of international fans found themselves at a loss when KQ Entertainment allegedly cancelled their tickets for the event.


On June 20, KQ Entertainment put out a list of fans who would be awarded tickets the event. A day later, on June 21, a number of fans began reporting that the original list of fans set for the fansign had been changed.


According to these fans, the original list included the names of 70 international fans but a day later the list had been changed to include only 40 international fans. And those 30, spots had instead been given to Korean fans.


Although many fans believed the change was due to complaints made by Korean fans, KQ Entertainment, as well as the shop responsible for the event, later posted to ATEEZ’s official fancafe that an error in the system caused the problem.

Through the drawing process for the ATEEZ fansigning event at the Sinchon branch of M2, we have found an error. We are sorry for the inconvenience to ATEEZ fans and KQ Entertainment. All inquiries and claims are received and accepted through M2 rather than other channels. M2 Records itself is aware of the omission of some winners due to the error that resulted in the announcement of winners earlier than the scheduled time.


Additionally, the shop promised to compensate those who were affected by the error.

Due to the error, we will handle all inquiries and inconveniences (claims and damages compensation) as much a possible. We apologize for the confusion we have caused. Thank you.


Meanwhile, many fans are hoping that KQ Entertainment will also take steps to ensure that problems like this won’t happen again in the future.