KQ Fellaz 2, KQ Entertainment’s Trainee Group, Reveals Their Official Debut Name

It seems like their debut is on the horizon!

Over the last year or so, KQ Entertainment has been building up hype for their upcoming K-Pop boy group, known at the time as KQ Fellaz 2 while they are trainees.

KQ Fellaz 2 | KQ Entertainment

The trainee group consists of 10 members — Minjae, Junmin, Sumin, Jinsik, Hyunwoo, Junghoon, Seeun, Hunter, Yujun, and Yechan  — and will be the first boy group that KQ Entertainment has debuted since their older brother group, ATEEZ, debuted in October 2018.

| KQ Entertainment

On February 24, KQ Entertainment released an identity film for the group that reveals KQ Fellaz 2’s official debut name: xikers!

The name xikers is a combination of the unknown variable “x” and the word “hikers”, with the concept explained as, “Youths setting off on a journey to discover unknown coordinates across space and time”.

| KQ Entertainment

KQ Entertainment also opened the group’s official social media accounts, which seem to indicate that their debut is just around the corner. They’ll also be performing at KCON 2023 Thailand on March 18!

Are you excited to see this talented new boy group debut?