Kriesha Tiu lands her first modeling job with Korean brand HOLIKA HOLIKA

Kriesha Tiu (Kriesha Chu) has officially been named the model for the cosmetic brand, Holika Holika!

This is Kriesha’s first CF commercial and endorsement, and she hasn’t even debuted yet!

Kriesha first announced she would be debuting as a solo artist just two weeks ago, revealing that preparations were already underway for her album.

Her agency announced that Kriesha’s partnership with Holika Holika will see her as the new face for their roadside shop brand.

“She will be starting her activities as a model as roadside shop brand Holika Holika’s new face. Even though Kriesha Tiu has not made her formal debut, she has become a beauty advertisement model and solidified her position as a mainstream artist.”

— Urban Works Entertainment

An official from Holika Holika revealed they had chosen Kriesha due to her fresh image and popularity!

“Holika Holika is looking forward to seeing a good synergy with Kriesha Tiu’s fresh and youthful image.”

— Holika Holika

Source: TV Report