Kris’s lawyers states his contract with SM Entertainment is illegal due to its length

The first court hearing in the case of former EXO member Kris vs. SM Entertainment began on September 2nd where Kris’s lawyers stated that his contract with the agency is illegal.

The hearing took place at the Seoul Central District Court on September 2nd.

Kris’s lawyer stated that his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment lasted 10 years from the beginning of his debut with EXO, adding, “Compared to the usual contract with a Korean entertainment agency, it is one of the longest in existence.”

“Because of the long-term contract, it is restricting his freedom, it is an anti-social and unlawful act.”

SM Entertainment’s lawyers refuted their argument, saying that the contract was not a problem as it is based on the Korea’s Fair Trade Commission’s basic standards. “The entertainment special business beginning from 2007-2008 to all current entertainment workers gathered in a public hearing to propose changes on the exclusive contract lengths. We have accommodated those parts into the contract.”

Kris’s side also states that he during his trainee days, he given only unhealthy fast food to eat, and once he made his debut as a pop artist, treated him like an accessory.

In May 2014, Kris filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to nullify his exclusive contract with the agency and has since then been active in China as an actor. Members Luhan and Tao followed suit and have also filed a lawsuit against the agency to nullify their own contracts.

In turn, SM Entertainment is suing all three members for conducting illegal entertainment activities outside of their contract with them.

Source: Star News