Krystal Talks About The Possibility Of Dating An Ex-Boyfriend Again

Her answer surprised everyone!

f(x)‘s Krystal rarely ever talks about her dating style but she opened up on Life Bar about whether she could ever get back together with an ex-boyfriend.

“I’m the type where it’s really the end when I break up with someone.”

— Krystal


Krystal makes sure to do everything she can to make the relationship work before she breaks up with anyone, so she never gets the urge to give the relationship a second chance.

“I try to do the best that I can when dating, so if we break up, it’s over. I don’t hold the idea that we might date again.”

— Krystal


Shin Dong Yeop asked if she’s ever had an off-again-on-again relationship, and Krystal said she’s never had a relationship like that before, but she doesn’t rule out the possibility that it may happen in the future.

“I’ve never had that situation. I may think this way because I’ve never experienced that situation before.

It may happen in the future.”

— Krystal


All in all, Krystal never thinks about getting back together with an ex because she’s never the one to have regrets!

“If we agreed to break up, then we’re really broken up. I really make sure I don’t have any regrets.”

— Krystal


Watch Krystal open up about her dating style below: