Krystal Reveals The One Thing About Jessica That Makes Her Jealous Of Her

You can tell she really looks up to her sister.

f(x)’s Krystal sat down in a recent interview and gushed about how much she looks up to her older sister Jessica, whom she considers a mentor.

Despite already making a name for herself as an idol group member and actress, she revealed that she still relies on her older sister for support.

“I am mentally dependent on my sister. She’s more like a family member because we’re also doing the same work. My sister walked the road first as a senior in the entertainment industry and advised me a lot of things.”

But if it’s one thing that makes her envious of Jessica, it’s her looks. When asked on who she thinks is prettier she mentioned that Jessica can pull off feminine styles impeccably.

“I don’t think I’m pretty. We have totally different images. I’m jealous that she can pull off a feminine style”.

Source: Sports MK