Krystal Shocks Netizens With Her Unaging Visuals After Debuting At The Cannes Film Festival

“This Krystal Cannes Debut… insane!”

Superstar Krystal Jung has always shocked fans with her effortless visuals since she first debuted and became known to fans. After her successful debut at the Cannes Film Festival, Krystal shocked fans with her beauty that is unaging.

Krystal Jung | @vousmevoyez/Instagram

Whether it was as part of the iconic girl group f(x)

Or her illustrious acting career in shows like The Heirs, Police University, and more, Krystal has always shined and stolen the hearts of fans with her talent, visuals, and charm.

On May 25 (local time), Krystal made her Cannes Film Festival debut as part of the cast of Cobweb.

As expected, the star looked absolutely stunning as she graced the red carpet in a pale pink gown. Although her makeup was simple, the bright red lip added drama to the stunning look. The Korean media was on hand to capture pictures of Krystal looking like an old Hollywood movie star.

Even in the videos, it felt like the cameras were unsurprisingly drawn to Krystal.


Along with official media shots, fans took their own pictures, even in low quality, and without them being edited, Krystal looked flawless and glamorous.

When the photos were posted, netizens couldn’t get over the star’s visuals and how beautiful she looked. After nearly 15 years in the industry, Krystal looks the same as she did when she first debuted in 2009.

As always, Krystal never fails to shock netizens with her unaging visuals, and she continues to show why she has had such a long and successful career.

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