Krystal transforms into a stewardess for a drama special appearance

A little cameo from The Legend of the Blue Sea may signal f(x)’s Krystal Jung’s return to the acting industry. 

On November 16th, SBS aired the first episode of The Legend of the Blue Sea. Lee Minho, the male lead for the drama, was in an airplane on his way to the Mediterranean island.

Viewers were treated with a cameo appearance from Krystal Jung who played the role of a flight stewardess. Lee Min Ho’s role asked the actress about the mysterious island that he was looking for, especially about the existence of mermaids. To this, Krystal replied, “I have visited many different countries, but there’s no place with a sea as beautiful as this.” The conversation continued with Krystal confirming the existence of mermaids. Mermaids are the focal point for the drama’s concept.

Krystal’s cameo generated a lot of buzz in South Korea and became one of the top topics searched on online portals. The role coincided with what seems to be the start of Krystal’s slow return to acting.

Krystal Jung’s last drama project was with SBS’s My Lovely Girl in 2014. Earlier this year, she was confirmed to play the lead role in the upcoming drama, Graduation Season and the film, Unexpected Love. 

Check out Krystal’s special appearance in The Legend Of  the Blue Sea here!

Source: Dispatch