Kun, Lucas And Jungwoo To Officially Debut As NCT Members

Congratulations to NCT’s newest members, Lucas, Kun, and Jungwoo!

SM Rookie‘s Kun, Lucas, and Jungwoo will be officially joining the group, but you probably already know everything about them!

NCT has been busy preparing their large-scale project for 2018, including the addition of 3 new members to the group.

They’ve already been well known among SM stans, as they featured in many of SM artists’ music videos.

Each of the new members introduced themselves through handwritten letters, calling themselves the ‘Lucky 3 People’.

Kun reflected back on how far they’ve come and expressed his gratitude to everyone who’s supported him along the way.

“To the fans I love: Hello!! This is Kun. Everyone, thank you very much for waiting so long for me! Starting from today, I will meet you all as NCT Kun. Yep, that’s right. The traffic light has turned green for my life now. I don’t know how to express these overflowing emotions right now… From ‘SR15B’ to ‘Lucky 3 People’, we have grown up a lot but honestly more than the effort and rewards from the practice we put in, something I really want to say is thank you to all the fans who have been waiting and cheering for me. I will always remember everything you all did for me. With a thankful heart, we’ll soon take off on Kun’s ‘plane’. I want to be able to share with everyone the fun and happy things that happened to me during my training time quickly. I want to spend every minute and second of the future with all of you. Until now, it’s been NCT Kun. Please take care of me! Thank you! Oh right! There will be a red total lunar eclipse on January 31! Let’s wait together for the time moonlight spreads throughout the world! — NCT Kun

Jungwoo revealed that he’s both excited and nervous about their new beginning and hopes their fans will help guide him along the way.

“Hello everyone, I am Jungwoo! I am here to deliver good news to everyone who has been supporting the 3 of us. Finally, we are going to debut. I really thankful to the fans who have been waiting for us. If there wasn’t the love from all of you, I probably wouldn’t be where I am right now. I will always be thankful and never forget that. I’m so excited and overflowing with excitement now! But I’m also worried too. I’m just starting now but as I continue to grow and develop, I’ll work hard to become a better artist! I’m very thankful to everyone for supporting the 3 of us ‘Lucky 3 People’, Lucas, Kun, and myself. I’ll be able to meet you all as NCT Jungwoo now! I’m very nervous that  I can spend time with the fans now. Please take good care of me! Until now, it’s been NCT Jungwoo. Everyone, I love you. Thank you for your support.” — NCT Jungwoo

Quad-lingual Lucas expressed his happiness and thankfulness in two languages!

“Hello. I’m Lucas! I have something important to say to everyone today. Us ‘Lucky 3 People’ are going to debut! I’m really glad and happy. Without everyone, there wouldn’t be Lucas right now. Will you all still be with us in the future Thank you all for always supporting us! In the future, I will be Lucas who works hard. Thank you! I love you all.” — NCT Lucas

Congratulations to NCT’s newest members, Lucas, Kun, and Jungwoo!

Source: Xportnews