Kwak Dong Yeon Says Cha Eunwoo Is Gifted In Everything Except This One Thing

“He’s gifted in a lot of things except…”

Kwak Dong Yeon guest starred on Radio Star where he talked about his My ID Is Gangnam Beauty co-star, ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo.


Although they’re the same age, being born on March 1997, Kwak Dong Yeon revealed that he couldn’t get close to Cha Eunwoo because he doesn’t know how to approach anyone who is the same age as him.


He’s gotten used to befriending older people as he’s often worked with actors who were older than him, so he doesn’t quite know how to act around people his own age!

“I’m not sure how to befriend him since we’re the same age… If he was older, it would easier for me as someone younger to contact him first. I don’t know how to talk to him.”

— Kwak Dong Yeon


Cha Eunwoo and he are apparently both awkward around each other since they don’t know how to become friends.


Kwak Dong Yeon also revealed that their sense of humor is very different. He says Cha Eunwoo is gifted in everything except humor! Since they had nothing to laugh over, it was even harder for them to be more than colleagues.

“Our sense of humor doesn’t match well either. Getting to know Eunwoo, I realized that he is gifted in a lot of things but he doesn’t have an ounce of humor.

There’s nothing I can say because he hasn’t done anything. I don’t have any story to tell you where he did something but it wasn’t funny. He just didn’t do anything.”

— Kwak Dong Yeon


Hopefully these two dashing princes will one day break that barrier and become best friends!