Television Personality Kwak Jeong Eun Reportedly Dating Oxford Graduate Columnist

He is also an owner of the President’s custom-made watch.

It has been reported that television personality and writer, Kwak Jeong Eun, is in a relationship with Oxford-graduate columnist, Daniel Tudor.

Daniel Tudor is a writer and economist, who is currently active in South Korea.


The media outlet that first reported the news also claimed that the couple’s relationship developed after first meeting earlier this year for a project. Kwak Jeong Eun’s agency, however, stated that the news cannot be confirmed as it was part of the writer’s private life.


Nonetheless, netizens have been gaining more interest in Kwak Jeong Eun’s alleged boyfriend. Daniel Tudor, who was born in 1982, is from England and is known to have studied politics, economics and philosophy at the University of Oxford. With an IQ of 177, he is also a member of the high IQ society, Mensa.


Daniel Tudor was correspondent in Korea for The Economist for 3 years from 2010 before co-founding the independent news platform, Byline, at which he is currently working as the chief curator.

He is also an owner of the famous custom-made watch from President Moon Jae In. He revealed on an episode of Problematic Men, that he worked as an advisory committee member for the foreign press secretary at the Blue House, which is when he received the watch.


Meanwhile, Kwak Jeong Eun previously revealed that she is dating a foreigner who is younger than her on an episode of Video Star. She stated that he was interested in social phenomena and that they understood each other well. She added that he was a very sweet man.

Source: Hankyung