Kwang Soo Claims To Be Hiding A Lover At Home To Stop Members From Breaking In

The latest episode of Running Man showed Lee Kwang Soo trying hard to keep his fellow cast members from invading his home. 

On the March 5 episode of SBS‘s popular variety show Running Man, the cast members were given a challenge against their staff members. For this challenge, the cast members were tasked to help a staff member and move her belongings to her new place. If the cast members won the challenge, they would move into the place of the staff member for the duration of the filming. If they lose, however, one of the cast members should give up their own homes instead.

Some considerations were made for the cast, however — HaHa was excluded as his wife was pregnant with their second child, and Kim Jong Kook was also excluded as he lives with his parents. The rest of the Running Man cast members unilaterally picked Lee Kwang Soo’s house as the house they were going to stay in case they lost, but this ultimately left the young actor distressed. Lee Kwang Soo voiced out his complaints to the production staff but merely caused laughter on set due to his efforts to keep them away.

He even tried to trick the production staff when he said,

“Actually, I live with a woman. I don’t live alone anymore.”

– Lee Kwang Soo

He also continued to threaten them and promised to break the cameras should they step foot in his house once more.

Despite his attempts, the challenge continued with his place as part of the bargain. Luckily though, the Running Man members won the challenge which left Lee Kwang Soo relieved by the close battle.

A previous confession revealed that Running Man had filmed and invaded Lee Kwang Soo’s place at least six times.

Check out the full highlight below.

Source: Herald