Kwang Soo makes a shocking confession to female guest on “Running Man”

A group of female guests were invited for the March 8th broadcast of SBS variety show Running Man, where cast member Lee Kwang Soo suddenly showed his manly side after making a confession to actress Yoon So Hee.

On the show, Kwang Soo was partnered with Yoon So Hee to complete a mission together, where the other Running Man members started teasing him by saying, “Yoon So Hee is Kwang Soo’s ideal type!”

To that, Kwang Soo could not hide his feelings and stammered, “Yes, she is my style,” and started to give off his rare manly vibes by doing push-ups on the spot while showing his serious, cool facial expression. While the caption added to the scene was, “Actor Lee Kwang Soo mode,” the other members who knew Kwang Soo’s usual silly self dismissed his efforts of trying to be cool in front of Yoon So Hee.

Yoon So Hee is an actress under SM C&C, who made appearances in music videos for SHINee and EXO while having supporting roles in tvN‘s Let’s Eat and Marriage, Not Dating.

Other guests who appeared in this episode (Episode 237) include Nam Ji Hyun, EXID‘s Hani, Jung So Min, and G-Friend‘s Yerin. Yerin was also named as the fastest idol who appeared on the show after debut, partnering with Ji Suk Jin who is 30 years older.

Source: MBN