Kwanghee Reveals Why His Friendship With G-Dragon Grew Apart

He thought they would be friends forever, but it didn’t work out the way he imagined.

Kwanghee guested on January 26th’s episode of Amazing Saturday and talked about how he grew apart from his good friend G-Dragon.

When G-Dragon’s song came up as part of their quiz game, Kwanghee’s eyes lit up and said, “It must be Jiyong (G-Dragon’s name)!” The two apparently were the same age and also good friends.


But when the host asked whether the two still keep in touch, Kwanghee indicated that this wasn’t the case.

“You were saying my Jiyong my Jiyong. Do you still keep in touch with him these days? ㅡ Host”

“No…ㅡ Kwanghee”


Kwanghee revealed that the two became close while filming a program together in 2015. And while he believed they would be friends forever, it apparently didn’t work out as well as he thought it would.


He then explained that G-Dragon’s personality was calm and he was very hyper so their personalities didn’t match very well.

I gave him such a hard time so we gradually grew apart.

ㅡ Kwanghee


Watch the full clip below:


Source: Naver TV
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