Kwanghee joins KBS2TV’s “Vitamin” as fixed MC

ZE:A’s Kwanghee continues to make way in his career, and has been reported to be joining the KBS2TV’s Vitamin as its new fixed MC.

According to many of the broadcasting personnel on December 30th, Kwanghee’s first broadcast as the new MC will air on January 7th.

One official was quoted saying, “Kwanghee is set to make his debut as the new MC on January 7th.”

An official from Star Empire added, “It is true that Kwanghee will be joining Vitamin as a fixed MC. He was able to complete the first recording with a pleasant atmosphere on Christmas Eve, December 24th.”

Vitamin is a health-oriented talk show that came about in 2003, providing viewers and guests a wide range of information regarding their health.

Source: OSEN