Kwanghee Talks About Why He Lost 9 Kilograms In The Army

He only weighs 110 pounds.

Kwanghee appeared on a recent episode of Radio Star and talked about how he ended up losing so much weight.


When Kwanghee was discharged from the military, he shocked everyone with his extreme weight loss.


While some may come to believe that he lost the weight naturally while training in the military, the idol revealed that he purposely went on a diet to improve his appearance.

“The programs in the army disappeared and I was worried. I had to go out and do something but I couldn’t improve my variety program skills in the military so I decided to improve my visuals. I let my mind go and dieted.”

ㅡ Kwanghee


He later revealed his weight, admitting that he must not have been in the right state of mind.

“I realized later after seeing the photos taken by the reporters. I was not sane. Right now I’m 50 kilograms. I was 59 kilograms before enlisting.”

ㅡ Kwanghee


After hearing how little he weighed, the MCs expressed their concern for his health.

“You’re too thin.”

“You look so weak.”

ㅡ “Radio Star” MCs


Regardless of appearance, fans just hope that Kwanghee will stay healthy and not compensate his health for his appearance!

Source: TV Daily