Kwanghee’s Manager Accused Of Bullying In School, Announces His Resignation

He will no longer be Kwanghee’s manager.

After Kwanghee and his manager appeared on the program, Point of Omniscient Interfere, a post claiming that the manager was a bully during his school days surfaced.


The post, which was shared on December 23, indicated the location of the school he attended and revealed that he had bullied the other kids at school.

“Mr. Yoo graduated from an elementary, middle and high school in Uijeongbu and was a part of a group that tactfully bullied the other kids at school. I was beaten up by him in the past.”

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Then on December 26, Kwanghee’s agency released a statement clarifying that the rumors were not true.

“After confirming with Kwanghee’s manager himself, the rumors claiming that he was a bully in school are not true. We wanted to confirm with the person who uploaded the post but we couldn’t find the person due to the Privay Act. If he or she contacts our agency through email, we’d like to meet in person to hear the whole story.”



The agency also stated that they plan to do their best for Kwanghee and the broadcasting station and apologized for causing concern.

“We plan to do our best not to be a burden to Kwanghee or the broadcasting station. We apologize for causing worry to Kwanghee, the broadcastion station and fans.”



On December 26 immediately after the statement was released, however, another netizen spoke up through an online community post and claimed that the rumors were in fact true.

“Kwanghee’s manager is in fact a bully. I was going to stay quiet but after hearing the agency say, ‘After confirming with (Mr. Yoo) himself, he was not a bully and he had no recollection of such events,’ I became angry. I went to the same middle school as Mr. Yoo. He bullied the weaker students by brrowing their cell phones or uniforms. ”

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In response, BONBOO Ent has released another statement apologizing for the issue and announcing the manager’s resignation.

“We are sorry to have caused inconveniences to many people due to this issue. We apologize that we could not handle the situation more accurately and carefully. We did our best to resolve the issue quickly and confirmed with (the manager) himself. He also was surprised by the issue and replied that he did not remember as a result. We’ve created an even more confusing situation by not understanding the situation more carefully and accurately. After thorough negotiations with the company, we’ve decided on his resignation. The former manager has expressed that he was deeply reflecting upon his actions in his childhood and was deeply apologetic towards those who were hurt because of his actions. He is also apologetic towards those who were hurt by his statement and has decided to resign before causing even more harm on many people. He said that he would use this opportunity to reflect upon himself and do his best to become more mature and live more diligently.”




Source: Osen and Etoday