Kwanghee Confesses Exactly Where He Received Plastic Surgery

The number of plastic surgeries he got may or may not shock you.

On a recent episode of Cool Kids, Kwanghee revealed exactly where on his face he received plastic surgery.

During a game on the episode, the hosts were asked to answer the following question:

“Select the areas which Kwanghee did not receive plastic surgery on.”


He began by confessing that he inserted silicon into his forehead.


Silicon was also added into his chin…


And his nose. He added that he was told by a doctor, “Kwanghee, if you make your (nose) too high, you could die. You’ll die if you get too greedy.”


He also got dental veneers.


So the correct answer was: his cheekbones! It turns out, the one place he did not receive plastic surgery on was his cheekbones.

Source: Starin