Kwanghee Will Be Discharged From The Military Tomorrow, and He’s Already Booked on TV

The hilarious Kwanghee will be returning to the life of a celeb!

Kwanghee will be discharged from his mandatory military service tomorrow, and will be returning to a life of a celebrity.

He will be discharged at around 9 a.m. on December 7 and plans to greet the fans and media.


Kwanghee has received many love calls from broadcasting stations, however he has already chosen which program he will comeback on.

He will make his comeback on MBC’s Omniscient Interfering View — a show that uses documentary style techniques to observe the life of celebrities and their managers.

Actor Yoon Byungjae with his manager on Omniscient Interfering View.


This is fitting as only his manager accompanied him to the training center when he enlisted. Not even his Infinity Challenge castmates, lablemate Choo Sung Hoon, nor his parents accompanied him that day.


On Omnisicient Interfering View, Kwanghee will reveal his easygoing and cheerful life with his manager. There’s no doubt his manager, fans and family will be excited to have Kwanghee back!

Source: OSEN