Kwon Eunbi Names Her Favorite Song And Choreography Of Her Idol, BoA

It must have been hard to pick a favorite!

As a fellow dancer, Kwon Eunbi gave a shoutout to the OG queen of soloists, BoA, and named her favorite song and choreography from BoA’s discography!

BoA| @boakwon/Instagram

Eunbi recently sat down with KBS to share her playlist of dance songs, and one of the songs she picked was none other than BoA’s “Hurricane Venus”!

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While praising all of BoA’s songs and choreographies, she revealed that out of all of them, her favorite choreography is BoA’s 2004 hit song, “My Name”!

All of BoA’s songs are great. And among these, I think the one that has a great choreography is! I like “My Name”.


As for her favorite song from BoA, she picked “Fox” from BoA’s 8th full album titled Kiss My Lips, which is written and composed by the queen herself!

There is a song called “Fox” on her 8th album. It makes you feel warm and nice. I think it’s good to listen to in the morning.


Watch her talk about her fave BoA songs here!