Summer Queen’s Alleged “Hypersexualized” Outfits Spark Heated Debate

“They should just accept the fact that she slays.”

Netizens defended Kwon Eunbi from allegations that she was hypersexualizing her outfits.

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On September 22, several media outlets reported that Kwon Eunbi’s recent stage outfits are at the center of controversy over how revealing they were.

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Currently, some of the idol’s fans are raising their concerns with the idol’s label, Woollim Entertainment, while demanding that they change stylists.

I recommend that Woollim Entertainment quickly change the stylist for their artist, Kwon Eun Bi! Fans have been unhappy with her outfits since WATERBOMB, but her outfits have only gotten worse. Woollim Entertainment should think about fans’ opinions to better protect their artist.

— @1won_5H/Twitter

The issue has since gone viral, with many netizens weighing in on the controversy. In one of Korea’s largest online communities, many netizens defended the idol, stating that the outfits weren’t too revealing and that Kwon Eunbi should be free to choose what she wears.

Many netizens also pointed out that a more effective way to protect the idol would be to sue those who wrote sexual comments about her.

  • “Kwon Eunbi only dressed like that for WATERBOMB. Isn’t she the type to usually cover herself?”
  • “I understand what they are saying, but no matter what she wears, Eunbi is pretty… I just hope that she doesn’t wear anything more revealing than how she dresses now.”
  • “They should tell her label to sue those writing sexual comments. Why are they telling the label to change stylists?”
  • “I don’t think her outfits are too revealing. I think it is because she has always worn princess-like dresses, but her outfits for ‘Underwater’ are refreshing.”
  • “She’s old enough to choose what she wants to wear. Although wearing something too revealing isn’t good, what can you do if her figure is just like that, even if she dresses like other idols?”
  • “But I think her label will have a hard time stopping, since she’s become so popular after changing her style… She’s 29 and not a minor, so just let her be. I’m sure she’d let them know if she didn’t want to wear something.”
  • “I think it’s f@cking dumb to say she’s ‘Changed styles.’ What can you do when her figure is so good that it just seems like that (sexy) no matter what she wears?”
  • “They should just accept the fact that she slays.”
  • “Although I understand what they are saying, the focus shouldn’t be on what she is wearing, and instead, they should have asked that the label sue the f@ckers who are sexually harassing her.”
  • “Her outfits are normal!!!”

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