Netizens Stunned By The Size Difference Between Kwon Eunbi And Lee Young Ji

“I can’t comprehend this it looks photoshopped 😭”

Soloists Kwon Eunbi and Lee Young Ji recently drew attention online when seen side-by-side at the 2023 MBC Gayo Daejejeon due to their shocking height and size difference!

Kwon Eunbi
Lee Young Ji

Both artists put on phenomenal performances at the event on December 31, showcasing their individual talents as solo artists.

The pair were later placed next to each other during the closing performance, which can be seen around the 1:29 mark in this video.

Netizens were shocked to see just how tiny Kwon Eunbi looked next to Lee Young Ji!

| Instiz

Eunbi is currently one of the shortest female K-Pop artists in the industry, standing at just 158cm (5’2″), while Lee Young Ji is on the taller side at 176cm (5’9.5″). And that 18cm/7.5″ difference is clearly evident in these pictures!

Fans expressed their surprise and disbelief over the size difference in the comments section of a forum post about the pictures, especially given that Young Ji is already on the lean side.

The height difference between these two talented ladies is just adorable!

Source: Instiz and Pann Choa