Kwon Eunbi Was Asked If She Regretted Becoming A Singer—Here’s How She Responded

Here’s what she thinks about the hardships she’s had to endure, and whether or not she’d go through them again!

Kwon Eunbi is known as the leader of the now-disbanded IZ*ONE, and is also the first member to make her solo debut. But prior to debuting with IZ*ONE, she also debuted in a girl group called Ye-A in 2014, and was also a backup dancer for many groups, including Secret and Girl’s Day!

Eunbi | @izone_official/Instagram

Following her long career in the entertainment industry, the production team of FANVATAR‘s Youtube channel asked Eunbi to choose between her 2014 past singer self, or look for a different career entirely!

2014 past singer path vs. looking for another job?

To this, Eunbi stated that she’d definitely choose to be a singer again, no matter what! Through all the hard times, she managed to meet some amazing people in her IZ*ONE members, and also got to make a solo debut with music more to her taste, so she’s thankful she continued to chase her dreams the whole way!

I think I’ll walk the same path as a singer. Because I walked the path of a singer, I met my IZ*ONE members. And now that I have a chance to be a soloist, I’m going to be a singer!


Looks like Eunbi’s fans would always be able to see her as their beloved singer, no matter what!

Watch the MV for her solo debut song “Door” here!

Source: Youtube