Kwon Eunbi Reminisces About Her Trainee Days With The Members Of Rocket Punch

The trainees turned labelmates are still very close friends!

Kwon Eunbi is currently a soloist under Woollim Entertainment, and she recently spoke fondly about her trainee days with the members of Rocket Punch!

Rocket Punch | @RocketPunch/Twitter

Eunbi recently sat down with KBS to share her playlist of songs that make her dance, and one of the songs she shared was After School‘s iconic song, “BANG!”

While talking about the song, she revealed that she performed this song for a trainee evaluation back in the days, and also spoke of how difficult the choreography was!

I had a test evaluation with this song when I was a trainee. The synchronization of the choreography is important in this song.


She then revealed that she practiced this with her friends in Rocket Punch, and the member who killed this choreography was none other than Yeonhee!

Rocket Punch’s Yeonhee

With Rocket Punch friends, I practiced this song together. You are all curious right? Yeonhee from Rocket Punch danced really well to this song.

Yeonhee~ If you see this, please dance for me!


It’s great to see how close Eunbi is with her fellow trainees turned labelmates!

Eunbi with Rocket Punch | @RocketPunch/Twitter

Watch her talk about it here!