Kwon Hyeop wants To Quit Being An Idol After Being Voted Off Of Produce 101

Former Produce 101 contestant Kwon Hyeop has expressed he will no longer continue on his path to becoming an idol after being eliminated from the show.

An insider from Kwon Hyeop’s agency, Maroo Entertainment, revealed that Kwon Hyeop recently informed them that he wants to give up on becoming an idol and that he will no longer be a trainee with the company.

Kwon Hyeop fell short during the first round of eliminations last week as he didn’t make it into the top 60. Since then, he told his agency that he was conflicted about his future as an idol, and has been discussing his future with them.

According to an insider at Maroo Entertainment, the agency has chosen to respect Kwon Hyeop’s wishes and have reached a verbal agreement on prioritizing Kwon Hyeop’s situation.

“Kwon Hyeop has expressed that he doesn’t want to continue on the path to becoming an idol to our agency. We have also concluded that respecting his wishes is most important. Therefore, we have finished our verbal consultation and agreed to prioritize Kwon Hyeop’s situation.

We will always support Kwon Hyeop in all his endeavors.”

— Insider at Maroo Entertainment

Maroo Entertainment had planned on preparing Kwon Hyeop to debut with fellow labelmate and Produce 101 contestant, Park Jihoon, sometime next year.

Source: Xports News and OSEN