Kwon Nara Reveals The Chemistry With INFINITE’s L (Kim Myung Soo) Is What Led To The Drama’s Success

They have so many similarities!

Actress Kwon Nara held a Q&A session with No Cut News and revealed just how much fun she had while filming for the KBS K-Drama Royal Secret Agent.


Although the drama started off weak, it ended with a bang as they hit 14% in viewer ratings.

Being a former K-Pop girl group member of Hello Venus, she had to work twice as hard in order to start her new path as an actress.

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What did Kwon think was the reason for the drama’s success? Let’s take a look at her Q&A session below.

Although it wasn’t an eagerly anticipated production, it seems that the chemistry of the ‘Royal Secret Agent’ actors eventually led to its success. We are curious about how it was with Kim Myung Soo and Lee Yi Kyung at the actual shooting site.

We were really close on set. There were many times that we really laughed while filming because we had that much good chemistry. We were always like this both on and off set. I laughed and had fun while filming here more than any other filming site. If I am the reaction maker, Kim Myung Soo is the fun maker, while Lee Yi kyung is the final touch. If we are staying still and one person starts to sing, we all follow along. We did this any time we were having a hard time. The three of us would ask for advice for certain expressions and we would share our opinions. I think that is how we were able to make it through each scene.

— Kwon Nara

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Because you are the same age and also a former idol group member, it must have been easier for you to find similarities and talk to Kim Myung Soo.

A lot of sympathy was formed between us. When I was active as a singer, I even stood on the same stage as him before. It’s funny that not only are we the same age, but we also have the same birthdays. Because of these similarities, we were able to get closer much faster. Myung Soo is a really great actor and always takes care of people with delicate and meticulous consideration. I think he is a very warm-hearted friend.

— Kwon Nara

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There seems to viewers who are waiting for a season 2. If the ‘Royal Secret Agent’ actors were to meet again, what kind of acting would you want to try?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we had to wear our masks even while taking breaks. I think we would be able to share the happiness when COVID-19 disappears. Although we had great results due to everyone being cautious, we were sad that we couldn’t gather together to celebrate. We only called or texted each other in hopes for better days. When Myungsoo gets discharged and we meet again, I think the best thing would be having a season 2. Personally, I’d like to show a ‘real family’ chemistry through a sitcom or family drama together. We’re just that close.

— Kwon Nara

Who’s ready for a season 2 because we most certainly are!

Source: nocut news