Kyuhyun And Joy Have Known Each Other For 10 Years But Even Complete Strangers Wouldn’t Be This Awkward Together

That awkward tension could cut a brick in half…

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Red Velvet‘s Joy appeared together for the first time on More Salty Tour. During the first episode of the new season, Joy and Kyuhyun met up at the airport and it was nothing like anyone expected!


As soon as Joy arrived and situated herself next to Kyuhyun, an awkward tension soon filled the air. The other cast members immediately noticed that they were not close at all!


Considering how they’ve been in the same agency over the past decade, the host asked why they weren’t close yet. Kyuhyun explained, “I have a hard time getting close to my female juniors.


To lighten the mood, Joy revealed that she went to Kyuhyun’s solo concert where he told her, “You came even though we’re not close.” Kyuhyun quickly added in that he meant it as a thank you!


The cast all agreed that the new season will be focused on getting Joy and Kyuhyun closer. Kyuhyun vowed that they will be best friends by the end of their trip!


Kyuhyun has known Joy ever since she was a trainee. When Joy debuted back in 2014, Kyuhyun was already a successful senior as Super Junior became one of the hottest boy bands!


Despite their long history together, Joy and Kyuhyun are no comfortable with each other than complete strangers. Let’s see how their friendship blossomed throughout the season!

Source: MBN TV