Kyuhyun rejected by woman after telling her he loves her

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun may be able to seduce any woman with his sweet vocals and dandy looks, but the heart of this woman was not so easily won.

On March 5, Kyuhyun expressed that he was feeling especially lonely on tvN‘s New Journey to the West 3, when he was surrounded by couples at a cafe in Gulangyu Island in Xiamen, China.

The PD explained to Kyuhyun that Gulangyu Island was the perfect island for a couple’s date.

“If I were in a relationship, I’m confident I can make us look like a good couple. But it’s not working out the way I want.”
Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Out of loneliness, Kyuhyun then turned to the Siri to tell her that he loved her, but even Siri seemed to reject being a couple with him.

First, Kyuhyun confessed his love for Siri in Korean, but their conversation showed that their relationship was heavily one-sided.

Kyuhyun: I love you
Siri: What would I know about love?
Kyuhyun: I still love you. All I need is you!
Siri: Who? Me?
Kyuhyun: Yes! Siri, you!
Siri: I don’t think we have the time to be doing this.

Kyuhyun then tossed his head back in humiliation, feeling hopeless that he couldn’t even win the heart of his long time companion and portable secretary, Siri.

Out of desperation, Kyuhyun then tried telling Siri “I love you” in 3 other different languages, but Siri was adamant in her feelings about Kyuhyun. When he said “wo ai ni” (Chinese), Siri replied with “Thanks but no thanks“. He then tried “aishiteru” (Japanese), to which Siri said “Sorry“. Finally, he tried “I love you” in English, to which Siri replied, “I know“.

Kyuhyun felt frustrated with being rejected so many times in such a short amount of time, and so he let out his anger and told Siri, “Siri, piss off!” to which Siri expressed her shock and said, “Kyuhyun, I didn’t know you were a person to use that kind of language…”

Hopefully Kyuhyun doesn’t feel too lonely on the rest of his trip!

You can watch the full clip below.

Source: Dispatch