Popular Idol Exposes SM Entertainment For Forcing Him To Undergo Plastic Surgery

“The label forced me to…”

Super Junior member Kyuhyun revealed that SM Entertainment forced him to undergo plastic surgery.

Kyuhyun | JoongAng Ilbo

On October 3, Kyuhyun was a guest on the popular variety show Dolsing Fourmen. The show follows four divorced men as they speak about love, loss, and life after divorce.

Poster for Dolsing Fourmen | SBS

On this day, the show’s hosts asked the idol about his plans for marriage, to which the idol revealed that he wanted to get married before turning 40.

My international age is 35, and I think it would be good to get married before turning 40. I do want to get married.

— Kyuhyun

The show’s hosts then asked the idol about his High School days and asked about Kyuhyun’s popularity during his school years. Kyuhyun then revealed that he looked different then because he didn’t have double eyelids, but that SM Entertainment would later force him to undergo cosmetic surgery.

You may not believe me, but at the time, I didn’t have double eyelids. I got them after I debuted because the label forced me to.

— Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun then lamented the fact that despite only getting his eyelids done, netizens often call him a “Cosmetic monster,” a term used to criticize someone who has undergone many plastic surgeries.

(Netizens) call me a cosmetic monster just because I got my eyes done. To make matters worse, my double eyelids often come undone. I was squinting in my High School photo that people use when mentioning my past. There are other normal photos, but they seem to only use that one.

— Kyuhyun

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