Kyuhyun’s Managers Evacuate Hotel On Fire, Leaves Kyuhyun To Sleep Inside

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun was left alone in a burning building after his staff had gone to Starbucks that night.

Fans are furious after reports of Kyuhyun being left in a burning building surfaced online. The singer had been in Taipei for a concert and had been up late making preparations for the show. However, he was surprised when he awoke in his room full of smoke, and his staff nowhere in sight.

Fans first found out about the fire and that Kyuhyun had been sleeping inside the building when Kyuhyun was attempting to sing “At Gwanghwamun” at the concert the day after the fire but could not due to the damage from inhaling too much smoke.

After his heartbreaking confession, fans discovered that Kyuhyun’s staff had been at Starbucks while Kyuhyun was still inside the fire.

“Seriously why did you guys even follow him there, are you tourists? Are you the artist? Kyuhyun had to get injections into his vocal chord to perform at his concert because he slept in that smoke. He was crying saying sorry while singing “At Gwanghwamun, do you know how heart breaking that is for fans.”

– Kyuschedule_bot

“You had time to hashtag yourselves #Starbucks#Kyuhyunstaff while Kyuhyun was sleeping in smoke and you didn’t have time to evacuate Kyuhyun you bastards”

– Kyuschedule_bot

A small fire in one of the hotel’s stores had caught fire during the night. Photos of the fire also surfaced online, showing that immense smoke that had built up from the fire.

“Look how much fire there is”

– Kyukenhof

“The hotel staff said they needed to use flashlights ignorer to evacuate and it was a struggle. Two foreigners who were sleeping at the hotel are suffering bodily aches due to inhaling too much smoke….. I cannot comprehend that there was a “safe room” inside that and that the staff left Kyuhyun in there.”

– SmileAgain

As fans’ angers towards the staff grew Kyuhyun explained what had occurred the following day at his concert, noting that moving to his room had been his choice, and asking fans not to misunderstand.

“I think there’s a misunderstanding over the fire in Taiwan…In short, I was with my manager & staff in my room to go through things to say at the concert and we missed the time to evacuate. Meanwhile, we had heard that the fire was taken care of and rather than going down the stairs and inhaling smoke I chose to stay in the room.

Everyone except me, stayed outside for three hours after leaving under guidance from the hotel…I think the fault is mine for working when there was clearly a problem thinking that it wasn’t a big deal. I don’t want controversy happening after a good concert…have good night!.”

– Kyuhyun of Super Junior

Furious fans are demanding to know why Kyuhyun was not evacuated from the building and moved to a new location, although Kyuhyun still managed tearful apologies at his performance the next day.

Kyuhyun did continue to have his performance, and fans were proud of his ability to sing through even some of his more difficult ballads.

Source: OneHallyu