Former Nine Muses’ Kyungri And 2AM’s Jung Jinwoon Confirm Break Up After 4 Years

We wish them the best!

Former Nine Muses‘ sexy icon, Kyungri, and 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon have reportedly broken up. According to an investigation by TV Daily, the two have recently ended their relationship.

The reason for the breakup is allegedly due to busy acting schedules, which caused them to drift apart. The couple previously announced their relationship in February 2017. Kyungri famously stayed by his side throughout his military service. The two will return to a senior-junior relationship.

Jung Jinwoon debuted in 2008 as part of 2AM. He discharged from the military in October 2020. Kyungri debuted with Nine Muses in 2012 and has been active in the acting industry. She is currently acting in JTBC‘s Undercover.

Their breakup has since been confirmed by Kyungri’s agency, YNK Entertainment and Jinwoon’s agency, Mystic Story Entertainment.

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