Kyungri Leaves Netizens Shocked In Her Sexy White Mini-Dress

“There’s no one like Kyungri”

Kyungri recently graced the photo wall at a festival event for Maglogan and Vicky Jung!


From her first steps towards the event, Kyungri stole the show with her mesmerizing beauty!


She was dressed in an off-shoulder white mini-dress that featured beautiful frills.


She matched it with a more subtle makeup style with hints of burgundy.


But Kyungri’s stunning body figure and model-like physique were what made her outfit shine as bright as it did that night!


Netizens couldn’t control themselves as they were in awe of her beauty! They complimented her style and grace, claiming no one was like her!


What more would you expect from a sexy queen like Kyungri?!

Source: Star News