Netizens Grow Interest In Kyungri’s SNS Update Following Departure From Star Empire

Some think Kyungri may have been dissatisfied with Star Empire.

There has been growing interest towards Kyungri‘s latest social media post since her departure from Star Empire Entertainment.


On the afternoon of July 31, Kyungri shared a video on her Instagram Story. The video was a scene from the Japanese animation, Inuyasha, in which Inuyasha takes Higurashi Kagome and flies off into the sky.


In this video, Kagome says, “Goodbye everyone. I am now breaking away from the constraints and restrictions of this world and going off to find my happiness. I hope everyone finds their happiness too.”


As a result, some have gotten to think that Kyungri was unhappy at Star Empire. Kyungri stayed with Star Empire even after Nine Muses disbanded in February so many expected her to actively promote. However, she was not very active at all.

Star Empire Entertainment announced news of Kyungri’s contract termination earlier today. They explained that after a long discussion, they decided they will not be renewing with Kyungri and reflected on their 7 years together. They also vowed to continually cheer Kyungri on in her future and thanked the fans who have been with them over the years.


Source: Star Today