L.A Dodgers’ baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin to appear on KBS “The Return of Superman”

L.A Dodgers‘ baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin has happily accepted to film a session with KBS reality show The Return of Superman during his stay in Korea. According to multiple broadcasting members, Ryu Hyun Jin is to make an appearance for next week’s episode!

Ryu Hyun Jin is to meet Song Il Guk’s three adorable triplets and sons, Dae Han, Min Guk, and Man Sae, during the filming. As he is a fan of the show, the production team has kindly invited him to feature on an episode. Coincidentally, Ryu Hyun Jin’s abode in Korea is located in the same apartment building as that of Song Il Guk.

Finishing off the latest MLB season, Ryu Hyun Jin has returned to Korea, on October 14th. Since then, the superstar baseball player has been busily juggling his schedules, such as, attending various awards and promotional activities. According to a source, “He wanted to appear on one variety show during his visit in Korea, and he decided to show up for The Return of Superman.'”

In the previous year, Ryu Hyun Jin made it to the front page after appearing in SBS variety show, Running Man. 

Source: Oh My Star