[★BREAKING] L.Joe files lawsuit against T.O.P Media and leaves TEEN TOP

L.Joe has officially announced that he will be filing lawsuit against T.O.P Media to terminate his contract with the agency. 

Koreaboo first reported signs of trouble within TEEN TOP when L.Joe mass deleted photos on his Instagram, removed TEEN TOP from his username and unfollowed the other members. The artist has now confirmed that he has submitted a termination of contract with T.O.P Media on February 9.

L.Joe’s contract with T.O.P Media is set to expire on January 2018. The reasons given for the lawsuit is an alleged “obstruction in his solo activities” by the agency. He alleges that the company abused their power and created mistrust that has been shattered beyond recovery.

The dispute began last year when L.Joe and T.O.P Media had a meeting to discuss renewing his contract. L.Joe expressed his wishes to become a solo artist but felt that the company was delaying his solo activities for far too long.

However, T.O.P Media has countered that L.Joe did not carry out his obligations to the contract. They claim that L.Joe did not communicate properly with the production company of a drama that attempted to cast him. Even though the drama offered him an appropriate role and payment for his level of popularity and experience, he refused to communicate with them.

“When the production company approached L.Joe, T.O.P Media requested 7x the fee L.Joe was paid in his previous drama. This caused the casting of L.Joe to fall apart.”

— Drama Casting Insider

The insider, who was allegedly oversaw the casting for the drama, claims that this was a violation of T.O.P Media’s contract with L.Joe. He claims the agency did not properly carry out their duties in managing L.Joe.

Stay tuned for more as this story develops.

Source: Sports World