Label SJ Clarifies Super Junior’s Heechul Is Still A Part Of The Group

His agency confirmed that he has not left the group.

Amidst reports about Super Junior’s Heechul leaving the group, his agency Label SJ confirmed that he is still a part of the group. On March 17, his label announced that the reports were a misunderstanding. “Kim Heechul is still a part of Super Junior. We believe that there was an error in the editing process that created this misunderstanding.”

They added that aside from not performing on stage, he took part in all other aspects of the album, from production to content creation.

Previously on the March 16 broadcast of JTBC’s 7.7 Billion In Love, the program reported the news as if Heechul had left the group.

Heechul commented, “14 years ago, I was involved in a huge car accident and I broke my entire left leg. I was not able to run after this accident. I’ve continued promoting as Super Junior, but after hearing that I couldn’t use my leg, I felt that my time was up as a singer and told the members that I wouldn’t be able to continue with them. They told me that it didn’t matter and to continue to stay together.”

The show added that he did not want to become a burden to the group and that in reality, he had left the group.

His label however, denied this segment of the program and confirmed that he was still a part of the group.

After his injury from 2006, he participates in only the album recording and music video filming process for the group.

Source: spotvnews

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