LABOUM kickstarts crowdfunding campaign for MV production

LABOUM becomes one of the few Korean artists to tackle a different approach and create a crowdfunding campaign. 

Following the success of Stellar’s crowdfunding campaign for their latest comeback album LABOUM has asked fans to donate to their music video production project through Makestar as well. The project is described to be an “all or nothing” type where the rewards can only be redeemed once the funding goal has been reached.

In an update on their official page, LABOUM has asked fans to participate in the new single music video production project to celebrate their comeback. Fans who back the project may be able to be called as honorary producers for the music videos and receive exclusive video updates and limited edition rewards.

With only 49 days left until their deadline, LABOUM managed to reach 103.9% of their goal.

Source: MakeStar