LABOUM Reveals They Haven’t Eaten Carbs In 3 Years

Could you eat only diet food for that long?

LABOUM made an appearance on SBS Power FM Choi Hwa Jun’s Power Time and talked about their recent comeback.

Choi Hwa Jung commented, “I was shocked that it’s been 5 years since your debut and you have just released your first studio album.”

They explained that their title song, “Firework”, compared the love between two people with fireworks.

Another hot topic they discussed was about the pain of having to diet all the time. All the members love eating jokbal (pig feet) but are not able to eat it much do to their strict diet plan. Solbin revealed that she lost 12 kg by eating chick peas but that she actually loves bread.

They also commented that they would love to do mukbangs on YouTube because then they would be able to eat all the food that they want. They have not eaten carbs in 3 years due to dieting, shocking everyone in the studio.

What do you think about this type of diet?

Source: pop herald