LABOUM’s Solbin Opens Up About Her Lack Of Fame And Working Part Time To Support Her Idol Career

“I think I’m still a no name celebrity. Really, I really do.”

LABOUM‘s Solbin opened up honestly about not meeting her fame expectations and how she cried thinking about working part time to support her idol career.


Solbin appeared on Nangman Club, where she was asked what period in her life she considers being a “no name celebrity”, meaning when she wasn’t famous and no one knew of her.

She surprised everyone by claiming she considers herself a “no name celebrity” even now. She said, “I think I’m still a no name celebrity. Really, I really do.


When no one believed her, she explaiend it was “because [she] didn’t achieve [her] goal yet.


She recalled the time when she was going home on the subway when she began contemplating about taking on extra work to support her career as an idol. She wasn’t even paid for her work by her agency yet.

There was also a time when I was on the subway returning home from work. The amount of work continued to decrease, and I hadn’t gotten paid yet.I wasn’t paid yet, but my mind and body were so tired. I was standing on the subway and I felt shabby.

I had only worked for my career but I felt saddened that I was even thinking about working extra part time.

— Solbin



Even just the thought of her not reaching the amount of fame she had hoped to achieve made her “deeply sad“.


But Solbin can keep her head up and smile because she’s clearly not a “no name celebrity”! LABOUM has recently made a new comeback which will surely open new opportunities for her to become even more famous than she is now!


Check out LABOUM’s new music video “Firework” below!

Source: Sports Hankook