LABOUM Solbin Reveals 1 Trick She Uses to Lose Weight Instantly

Girl groups look to be living the life but it seems the lifestyle is not all glitz and glam.

LABOUM Solbin recently sat down with bnt for an interview and shared the hardships of being a girl group member. It seems even three years into promoting, some things are hard. Dieting, dating, and the lack of private lives were the main issues she touched on.


Solbin revealed that she worked out constantly since before debuting to bring her weight down. She also ate less than 200 calories a day, eating only one apple a day at one point. She has currently lost 12 kilograms and still keeps track of her diet so she doesn’t gain it all back.


She also shared that her agency has a no-dating policy. Her last relationship ended a couple of months before she debuted. All the members of the group also do not have cell phones. This is to cut down on the chances of them dating in secret.


The group will be able to get their phones back when they get a first-place win. Solbin shared that “it was uncomfortable to live without a phone in the beginning, but now, it’s rather more convenient. We just take selcas using our manager’s phone”.

Solbin is currently the MC of Music Bank and Idol Festival.

Source: Dispatch