LABOUM’s Solbin Just Showed Two Completely Different Sides To Herself And

Queen of both genres!

LABOUM‘s Solbin had recently appeared for the photo wall for M COUNTDOWN where she was dressed head to toe in her sexy stage outfit and makeup.

laboum solbin makeup free 4

She blew the audience away with her visuals as she donned intense eye shadow, liner and fake lashes paired with her bold red lips!

laboum solbin makeup free 8

Solbin looked sexy-chic as she stared cooly at the cameras flashing before her beauty!

laboum solbin makeup free 3


But all of that took a quick turn when she appeared at the photo wall for Music Bank today on her way to rehearsals! She showed off a completely different look in just a day!

laboum solbin makeup free 1

Solbin went all natural with her makeup where she showed little to no makeup and her beauty shined brightly that morning!

laboum solbin makeup free 5


Solbin looked like your college sweetheart as she dressed casual as ever in a loose blazer, simple tee, and cuffed boyfriend jeans.

laboum solbin makeup free 7

More than anything, she was adorable as she sent hearts to the press and fans who’ve been waiting for her!

laboum solbin makeup free 9

How can someone look blindingly beautiful in both styles?! Getchu a girl like Solbin who can do both!

laboum solbin makeup free

Source: Herald Pop
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