LABOUM Songs Re-Enter The Charts As Older Girl Groups Gain More Attention

More and more underrated girl groups are climbing the charts!

LABOUM is a girl group that debuted back in 2014 and continues to be active. Recently their 2016 song “Journey To Atlantis” (also known as “Fresh Adventure”) has been going viral in Korea.

The song often re-enters the charts around this time of year due to its fresh, spring-like vibes. However, this year, the song is rising higher than usual as it has entered the top 400 on Melon.

| Melon

Not only Melon, though! “Journey to Atlantis” and “Shooting Love” have also re-entered the Bugs Top 100 Charts!

The video uploaded last week also reached over 500,000 views and is quite similar in execution to the video that resurfaced Brave Girls‘ “Rollin.”

Fans are hoping this gives LABOUM more attention and that this “Brave Girls Effect” helps more underrated groups. Will this skyrocket the girls into popularity? We’ll have to wait and see! For now, make sure to check out their two most recent songs “Cheese” and “Fireworks!”

You can watch the music videos for the songs mentioned below!

Source: @officiallaboum