Yulhee Reveals She Has No Regrets About Leaving LABOUM

“I never want to be a singer again.”

Former LABOUM member, Yulhee, recently participated in an interview and photoshoot for BNT International and talked about her life.


Yulhee stated that she did not want to go back to being a singer, confessing that there were many difficult times she had to endure during her days promoting as a singer.

I don’t want to do it again. Of course, there were many valuable and happy moments on stage but there were also many things that were difficult to endure so I have no regrets about deciding to leave (the group).

ㅡ Yulhee


In terms of returning to the entertainment industry in general, she said that there were no plans as of now and that she was simply thankful for her current situation.

I don’t have any plans for now. I’m satisfied with exposing (our lives) little by little on Mr. House Husband. I am sufficiently thankful and satisfied with our current situation.

ㅡ Yulhee


She concluded by stating that the future she dreams of 10 years later is being a mother and a wife of a happy family and being a person who challenges herself to do things that she wants to do, even if it is not in the entertainment industry.

I want to create a bustling, happy family as a mother and wife. Personally, I’d like to challenge myself to things I want to do if I develop any, even if it is not related to the entertainment industry.

ㅡ Yulhee


Meanwhile, Yulhee and her husband, Minhwan, continue to share their life as a married couple with their child on Mr. House Husband.

Source: Sports Chosun