Ladies’ Code’s Ashley Choi Debuts Her Lovely New Tattoo

It’s her eighth one so far.

In a vlog of Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley Choi‘s daily life, she took everyone along for the ride as she added another beautiful tattoo to her collection.

Ashley Choi’s ear and neck tattoos.

With an idea for the tattoo and the placement already decided, Ashely headed to a tattoo shop for an artist to bring her vision to life.

Though she left it up to the tattoo artist to design a one-of-a-kind flower, she ended up choosing one of the most painful places for a tattoo.

While Ashley held onto the armrest for dear life, all of her pain paid off with a beautiful flower on her rib cage.

Afterward, Ashley used the proper aftercare to heal it and revealed that it “hurt the most” out of all her tattoos.

Freaking ribcage hurts so much. I knew it was going to hurt because everyone always says it hurts. But, I didn’t know it was going to hurt this much.

— Ashley Choi

If the tattoo looks stunning right after it’s finished, it’ll look even better when Ashley shows it off when it’s one hundred percent healed.

| ashleybchoi/YouTube

Watch Ashley take on the pain to receive a lovely flower for her growing tattoo collection.